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- Posted on 19 Feb 2017, Pastor: Alexis Quick

4025 W. 88th Ave  Anchorage, AK  99502

Sunday School for Kids, Teens & Adults @ 9:45  
Sunday Morning Worship Gathering @ 10:45

Wednesday Night Meal @ 6:00 & Wednesday Night Activities start at 7:00 including:   
AWANA’s: 2 years old – 6th Grade  ~  Teen Group: 7th – 12th grade  ~  Adult Bible Study Group


Our weekend worship gatherings are designed to help us worship God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.  Gathering for worship is not about just sitting in your seat,  mindlessly putting in your time singing a few songs then listening to a sermon so you can feel like you’ve filled your “Religion” quota for the week.

It is about truly worshiping the Creator of Heaven & Earth and engaging others interactively throughout our entire time together.  On any given Sunday we may have a question and discussion time in the middle of the sermon, respond to God in various ways, or spend some time praying at our Prayer Wall or by using the ancient prayer form of Lectio Divina.  We try to engage all five senses in worship and seek to spend a significant amount of time actually practicing what we are learning about each week.
Join us on our journey as we seek to be authentic followers of Jesus the Christ.

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